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White Label Solutions


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On behalf of QRails and XTM, inc. for AnyDay, Alight, Veritas Prime, Uber, Ahold, Koch, Fresh Direct, Marriot, Tailored Brands, PetSmart, Crocs, and more.


I led the strategic development and global expansion of AnyDay white label solutions at QRails and XTM, Inc., spearheading the bespoke innovative prototypes, UX/UI designs, and effective product marketing. My leadership facilitated key partnerships with major brands, blending aesthetic innovation with operational precision to meet diverse industry needs and regulatory compliance.

Leading the Charge in White Label Innovation

In an era where adaptability and branding are paramount, a piece of my impact at QRails and subsequently XTM, Inc., has been defined by spearheading transformative white label solutions. My strategic foresight and innovative mindset drove the development of prototypes, collateral, UX/UI designs, and a consistent, attuned product marketing message, setting new standards for excellence in digital product offerings. This vision enabled QRails, and following the acquisition, XTM, Inc., to collaborate with global brands and expand rapidly, showcasing the universal appeal and adaptability of our solutions.

Pioneering Comprehensive White Label Solutions

Under my UX/UI design and product marketing direction, our team delivered an expansive suite of white label services, including captivating motion and static graphics, targeted product marketing strategies, and bespoke card art for credit and debit cards. My dedication to brand integrity ensured that each project was meticulously aligned with our clients' identities, bolstered by unwavering compliance with banking regulations and the strategic development of compelling pitch decks. This approach not only elevated our company's offerings but also facilitated our expansion into global markets, partnering with universally recognized brands.

Foundational Strategies for Global Market Success

The cornerstone of impact in white label initiatives was a harmonious blend of aesthetic innovation and operational precision. I championed user-centered design principles, primarily when it came to copy and contrast (as we maintained the same design system structure), ensuring scalability, usability, and market adaptability while navigating the intricate landscape of financial regulations. This approach not only enhanced the user experience but also solidified our clients' trust and market position, paving the way for our rapid global expansion and collaboration with high-profile brands.

Catering to Global Giants: A Spectrum of Success

As the driving force behind our white label solutions, I led projects for an illustrious roster of clients with various white label iterations of AnyDay for brands such as Alight, Veritas Prime, Uber, Tailored Brand, Ahold, Koch, Fresh Direct, Marriott, Tailored Brands, PetSmart, Crocs, and more. Our ability to deliver customized, impactful products across diverse industries allowed us to attract global brands, further testament to our solutions' adaptability and appeal in various market sectors.

The Strategic Edge of White Label Solutions

The strategic advantage of our white label solutions lay in their rapid deployment and market resonance, facilitated by my leadership in developing compliant, brand-cohesive products. This capability was crucial in our successful partnerships with global brands, allowing QRails and later XTM, Inc., to expand rapidly and solidify our position in the international market. Navigating the dual challenges of regulatory compliance and brand customization, I led our team to innovative solutions that not only met but often exceeded our global clients' expectations.

Client Accolades & Success Stories

The global impact of these white label solutions is vividly illustrated by our clients' success stories. For instance, a Veritas Prime, an SAP partner, conveyed how much they love the Veritas Prime Wallet white label prototype, app design [AKA UX/UI], and HR pitch deck I lead the charge in crafting for them.

A Legacy of Market Transformation

My role in spearheading white label solutions at QRails and XTM, Inc. has been a pivotal journey of strategic innovation, brand transformation, and global market penetration. The success stories we've crafted for our clients, from local startups to global conglomerates, underscore the versatility, scalability, and market appeal of our white label solutions under visionary leadership.

Elevate Your Brand with Strategic White Label Solutions

Embrace the transformative power of white label solutions that promise global brand engagement and rapid market expansion. Connect with me at rsikes@rachaelsikes.com or on LinkedIn to see more of my work and explore how I can help you elevate your brand and product offerings on the world stage.

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