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Do you develop the websites if yes what platform do you use?

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My preferred CMS is Webflow, but I am flexible and will also adjust based on what your industry, goals, and objectives are.

Do you DESIGN websites or APPs if yes what platform do you use?

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Yes I do, and typically I do this in Figma before implementing into any CMS for preview. I do the same with applications prior to development.

How about mobile apps do you include app development?

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I primarily do UX/UI design when it comes to mobile apps and app development, but I can and have in the past handed off front the end code for the UI to a full stack developer with a prototype, flow, and instructions for implementation of the product's function.

Have you worked with global teams?

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Yes, I have worked with teams both domestically and globally covering the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Spain, the UK, EU, and EMEA.


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Yes, it's almost my middle name at this point. I have worked with global financial institutions following very meticulous compliance requirements for them as well as in the past doing work for distribution businesses that sell consumables directly to c-stores and gas stations who are also heavily regulated.

Timing, how soon can we get started?

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I love your eagerness! We first need to set up a discovery call so that I can understand your needs and provide reasonable expectations because every project is different. Some require months others require a week, a few days, etc.

To set that up with me, please fill out the contact form, email me, or send me a Linkedin message, and I will work with you to coordinate that discussion.
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