Do Not Exercise Button

Do Not Exercise Button


UI & UX Product & Client Experience


Employer - TD Ameritrade


2018 - 2019
Led innovation at TD Ameritrade with the DNE button concept, by crafting a concept to enhance trading efficiency and client autonomy by enabling self-directed DNE requests for eligible positions.

Bridging Insight and Innovation in Trading

As a stock broker at TD Ameritrade amidst the chaos of triple witching days and tax season meshing together, I identified a critical gap in our trading platform's user experience. Clients with long positions were ensnared in a systemic bottleneck, unable to self-direct Do Not Exercise (DNE) requests, leading to unnecessary margin calls and heightened frustrations. Recognizing this, I spearheaded the development of a client-facing DNE button, a solution born out of acute operational insight and a dedication to user empowerment.

The Genesis of the DNE Button Concept

The challenge was clear: on triple witching days, when weekly, quarterly, and monthly options expired simultaneously, our clients and team faced overwhelming demand for DNE requests, a process requiring broker intervention that felt archaic in our technologically advanced trading environment. My proposal for a DNE button was designed to address this specific need, ensuring only clients with eligible long positions could initiate a DNE request directly, thereby enhancing efficiency and user autonomy.

Enhancing User Autonomy with Intuitive Design

The DNE button was envisioned as a beacon of operational efficiency and user autonomy. It was to be intuitively available only to clients with qualifying long positions, leveraging the platform's capability to identify eligible requests. This direct approach aimed to streamline the process, connecting clients with our risk team for manual review without the intermediary step of broker involvement, a significant leap towards reducing the volume of margin calls and improving the trading experience.

TD Ameritrade Trading Platform before and after DNE

Precision in Empowerment

Tailored for traders overwhelmed by the intricate dynamics of triple witching days, the DNE button was poised to revolutionize how clients interacted with their portfolios during these high-stress periods. By providing a clear, self-directed pathway for managing options, this feature was set to alleviate the rush of margin calls and enhance satisfaction among our clientele.

A Paradigm Shift in Trading Operations

The DNE button promised a transformative shift towards operational efficiency and client satisfaction. By empowering traders with the autonomy to manage their positions proactively, the feature aimed to diminish the operational strain during peak periods, thereby fostering a more responsive and user-friendly trading platform.

ToS before and after DNE

Acknowledgment and Vision

Though the DNE button did not see implementation before my departure due to higher priorities with TD Ameritrade being acquired by Charles Schwab, the concept received direct acknowledgment and celebration from the head of product, underscoring its potential to significantly improve the trading platform's functionality. This recognition affirmed the project's alignment with TD Ameritrade's commitment to innovation and client-centered design.

Advocating for Empathetic Innovation

The initiative to create a DNE button at TD Ameritrade exemplifies the impact of the client empathy I possessed and the value of front end insights (as a stock broker) on driving meaningful technological advancements. This venture into empathetic, user-centered design in financial services showcases a legacy of innovation, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing client needs directly.

Pioneering User-Centric Solutions in Trading

The journey towards conceptualizing the DNE button is a testament to the power of my innovative thinking and client advocacy in financial technologies along with other industries I have had the pleasure of working with. To collaborate on future projects that prioritize user empowerment and operational excellence in your industry or want to see more of my work to explore how my strategic leadership paired and expertise can elevate your brand and product offerings on the world stage you can contact me at or on LinkedIn.

Recognition from Chesley Spencer
ToS before and after DNE
TD Ameritrade Trading Platform before and after DNE
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