AnyDay Earned Wage Access

AnyDay Earned Wage Access


Brand Design UI & UX Lead Product Design Lead Product Marketing Leadership


On behalf of QRails and XTM, inc. for AnyDay


Spearheaded AnyDay's first employer rollout, UX/UI enhancements in product both in the app and card carrier design as well as card art design in collaboration with key stakeholders. Ensured domestic and global compliance in UX/UI designs and product marketing, launching impactful white-label versions with partners like Alight and Veritas Prime. Innovated and led the 'Be Ready' aka the 'Be Ready AnyDay' campaign, achieving 46% adoption growth in 3 months upon its launch. This was achieved all while ensuring compliance with partner banks and global regulations.

Revolutionizing Financial Wellness with Strategic Insight

From 2021 to 2023, at QRails, my journey was defined by the strategic launch and expansive growth of AnyDay (prior to and after the XTM, Inc. Acquisition), an earned wage access solution aimed at redefining financial wellness. Beyond the realms of traditional UX/UI design, I orchestrated strategic marketing efforts that fueled an astonishing 46% growth in adoption in just 3 months (mid May 2023-mid August 2023), directly resulting from the impactful "Be Ready" campaign I spearheaded.

AnyDay's Transformational Journey

AnyDay emerged as a beacon of financial independence, offering employees real-time access to their earned wages. My dual expertise in UX/UI design and product marketing was pivotal, not just in enhancing the platform's usability but in solidifying AnyDay's presence in the competitive FinTech landscape. This endeavor significantly elevated user satisfaction and broadened AnyDay's market penetration.

Merging Design with Strategic Marketing

At the heart of AnyDay's evolution was a team commitment between myself, the VP of Customer Success, and the product team collaborating and refining its platform, focusing on a user experience that was both intuitive and accessible. This included comprehensive updates, the development of white-label versions customized for partner needs, and ensuring the platform's alignment with its diverse user base. My hands-on UX/UI Design and Product Marketing leadership in these initiatives showcased the power of integrating strategic design with targeted marketing.

One of many collaborative projects with Product Head (Byron Davis) to enhance the user experience
Collaborative Project with Head of Product Byron Davis

A Lifeline for the Workforce

AnyDay was tailored for employees across sectors, offering them a sustainable financial lifeline. This solution was especially critical for those navigating the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, providing a viable alternative to traditional financial aids and fostering a culture of financial empowerment and wellness.

Advantages & Considerations: Compliance Meets Innovation

One of the significant challenges was navigating the tightrope of global financial compliance without stifling innovation. My strategy ensured that all platform updates, including the white-label apps, adhered to rigorous financial regulations, a critical factor in maintaining AnyDay's integrity, security, and seamless market expansion.

AnyDay and AnyDay White Labels Domestic and Global

Establishing New Industry Standards

The adoption surge and seamless execution of partner-specific solutions, under my leadership in UX/UI and product marketing innovation, underscore the effectiveness of integrating strategic marketing with user-centric design. These accomplishments have been pivotal in establishing AnyDay as a leader in the FinTech space, setting new benchmarks for strategic innovation and market leadership.

Story board cover page for my 3rd 'Be Ready' internal pitch

Charting the Future of FinTech Innovation

Throughout my tenure at QRails, later XTM, Inc., I drove relentless innovation and strategic growth. Spearheading AnyDay from its initial rollout to substantial adoption and market expansion underscoring the power of aligning user-centered product development and strategic product marketing.  Do you want that kind of expansion too?  Let's revolutionize your industry together. Connect with me at or on LinkedIn to see more of my work and explore how I can help you elevate your brand and product offerings on the world stage.

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